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Raw Revelations Probiotics features a broad-spectrum, probiotic formula (with “good bacteria”). It promotes healthy intestinal ecology with 12 different viable strains of beneficial flora to support health-promoting intestinal bacteria. A unique fermentation process uses 95 different natural herbs and barks, cultured for 3 years to produce healthy, mature flora and highly bioavailable nutrients. Bite into a capsule to see and taste the difference!

Compare with inferior probiotic products:

  • Not freeze-dried (hibernating) flora with only 2 or 3 strains of probiotics

  • Non-dairy base (milk-free)

  • No animal-based ingredients

  • Refrigeration recommended (not required)

  • Contains Pre, Pro, and POST biotic nutrients. Post Biotic nutrients (B-complex, bacteriocins) are the top reason we need probiotics. Our body relies on nutrients made by these beneficial bacteria. 

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