Practice Statement of Dr. Cowan

During my 25 years in private practice as a family doctor, I have come to one, clear goal with my patients: a desire to make their lives better. To discern how to make such a contribution to your life, I always take a careful history, paying close attention to turning points in your health and interventions that might already have been tried. Then, I do a physical exam and often order laboratory or other tests that might help me understand how to proceed. Finally, my goal is to retell your story in a way that I hope helps you understand how your situation developed and finish with a clear plan to restore your health.

I use well-researched natural medicines such as Iscador for cancer and echinacea for infections; in other cases I use less well-known regimens, such as digitalis for some cancers and strodival for heart disease. Although the effectiveness of these natural medicines is well supported in the literature, in general, they are not widely available from either conventional or alternative physicians.

Nutrition is foundational to almost all the regimens I prescribe. When I suggest a certain diet to support your healing, one of my assistants – all of whom have been trained in the nutritional approaches I use – will be available to help you as you transition to a new way of eating.

My hope is that my strong grounding in both conventional medicine and some of the most innovative, progressive, natural-medicine practices available today will lead to a profound improvement in your health.

To read about how I approach specific health challenges, see the articles page. It contains both a compendium of articles published in the Weston A. Price Foundation journal Wise Traditions, as well as articles on such topics as heart disease, cancer and gastro-intestinal diseases.