Community Supported Health Plan Overview

In Rudolf Steiner's perfect world, people live by contributing what they can and taking what they need without placing monetary value on individual talent and worth. Everyone is able to thrive and there is no lack. This, in turn, produces a healthy environment for people to reach their potential and reconnects us with the feeling of community and gratitude, which is infectious in all realms.

In inspiration of this model, we would like to invite you to partake in the concept of real economics! Here's how it works; participating patients decide what they can afford per month (after an initial first appointment charge for new patients and their family members) and commit to pay that amount for 6 months minimum.

The support comes from everyone donating at the most they are comfortable with, for this is how the health care plan will be able to sustain itself. For those who can afford to contribute more than the suggested rate, you will be glad to know you helping those who can’t pay as much.

The plan covers all doctor appointments, either in-person or by phone, whether you are local or out-of-state. Established patients can jump in with monthly payments at anytime.  As additional support for families, and since children are our future, there is no monthly cost for children if at least one parent is on the plan. If you are not interested in the Community Supported Health Care Plan, the standing rates for appointments are still available. 

Frequently Asked Questions