Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness

By Thomas S. Cowan, MD

“Dr. Tom Cowan has created an entertaining, compelling, and readily accessible book explaining the risks involved in today’s overaggressive vaccination campaign. I particularly appreciate his emphasis on the risks to autoimmune disease inherent in antibody induction through vaccines. This book is a great addition to the growing body of literature revealing why vaccination is not the best strategy for protection against infectious diseases.”
Stephanie Seneff, senior research scientist,
MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Dr. Cowan looks at emerging evidence that certain childhood illnesses are actually protective of disease later in life; examines the role of fever, the gut, and cellular fluid in immune health; argues that vaccination is an ineffective (and harmful) attempt to shortcut a complex immune response; and asserts that the medical establishment has engaged in an authoritarian argument that robs parents of informed consent. His ultimate question, from the point of view of a doctor who has decades of experience treating countless children is: What are we really doing to children when we vaccinate them?
“I would like to thank Dr. Tom Cowan for writing this book! Humanity seems to have forgotten that human body is part of nature; the further we move away from nature the sicker we become, and it is our children who pay the heaviest price for what modern civilization is doing to our environment and our bodies. This book will make the reader think. I warmly recommend it!”
Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, author of Gut and Psychology Syndrome
“Dr. Cowan does a great job explaining in clear and common-sense terms that the practice and the rationale of vaccination is deeply flawed, and, astoundingly, is not evidence-based but rather fear-based. The vaccine paradigm is upheld by the consensus, but the consensus in not based on a free and unbiased reading of all the evidence, rather only on a small part of it, while much is ignored. Dr. Cowan contributes greatly to a much-needed correction of this misleading and misled consensus.”
Philip Incao, MD, advisor, Physicians for Informed Consent


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Human Heart, Cosmic Heart

By Thomas S. Cowan, MD

Thomas Cowan was a 20-year-old Duke grad―bright, skeptical, and already disillusioned with industrial capitalism―when he joined the Peace Corps in the mid-1970s for a two-year tour in Swaziland. There, he encountered the work of Rudolf Steiner and Weston A. Price―two men whose ideas would fascinate and challenge him for decades to come.

Both drawn to the art of healing and repelled by the way medicine was―and continues to be―practiced in the United States, Cowan returned from Swaziland, went to medical school, and established a practice in New Hampshire and, later, San Francisco. For years, as he raised his three children, suffered the setback of divorce, and struggled with a heart condition, he remained intrigued by the work of Price and Steiner and, in particular, with Steiner’s provocative claim that the heart is not a pump. Determined to practice medicine in a way that promoted healing rather than compounded ailments, Cowan dedicated himself to understanding whether Steiner’s claim could possibly be true. And if Steiner was correct, what, then, is the heart? What is its true role in the human body?

In this deeply personal, rigorous, and riveting account, Dr. Cowan offers up a daring claim: Not only was Steiner correct that the heart is not a pump, but our understanding of heart disease―with its origins in the blood vessels―is completely wrong. And this gross misunderstanding, with its attendant medications and risky surgeries, is the reason heart disease remains the most common cause of death worldwide.

In Human Heart, Cosmic Heart, Dr. Thomas Cowan presents a new way of understanding the body’s most central organ. He offers a new look at what it means to be human and how we can best care for ourselves―and one another.

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The Fourfold Path to Healing

By Thomas S. Cowan, MD


"The Fourfold Path to Healing" is a unique, comprehensive view of medicine, a holistic approach to healing that integrates the four aspects of our bodies: the Physical, the Life-Force, the Emotional and the Mental. 

Its principles are simple: right diet for healing the physical body; beneficial medicines or therapies for the life-force body; healing movement and exercise for the emotional body, and effective thinking activity for the mental body.

Dr. Cowan merges the wisdom of traditional societies, the most modern findings of western medicine and the esoteric teachings of the ancients as he works to answer this most important question: How do we obtain true health?

The fourfold path integrates proper nutrition, appropriate therapeutics, movement exercises and focused meditation.

Read more in The Fourfold Path to Healing by Thomas S. Cowan, MD, with Sally Fallon and Jaimen McMillan (New Trends Publishing, 2004)

I had not encountered Dr. Thomas Cowan before reviewing this book — boy, have I been missing something! … I believe that this book is probably the best self-help guide for the healing arts that has ever been written…” — Nancy Parsons, WaldorfBooks

Readers will be pleased to know that its author, Dr. Thomas Cowan, combines the best of Eastern and Western esoteric wisdom in the healing arts with the best of modern findings in Western medicine…this collaboration pulls together a mix of expertise that offers health-seekers some truly holistic solutions.” — Duncan M. Roads, Editor, Nexus Magazine

Considered a companion to Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions, ask for both at your local bookstore, or CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE.




The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care

By Sally Fallon Morell & Thomas Cowan, MDThe Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care


"The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care" makes the principles of traditional nutrition available to modern parents.

The book provides holistic advice for pregnancy and newborn interventions, vaccinations, breastfeeding and child development, as well as a compendium of natural treatments for childhood illnesses, from autism to whooping cough. The work of Rudolf Steiner supports the book's emphasis on the child's spiritual requirement for imaginative play.