Dr. Cowan's New Book!

Dear friends,

As some of you may have heard, I have another book published by Chelsea Green that is about to launch on Amazon and other sites. The title is “Vaccine, Autoimmunity and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness.” Its central thesis is that during the past 60 or so years, we have dramatically changed the way we understand and therefore treat childhood illnesses. Previously, it was generally understood that, even though occasional dangers were involved, going
through a childhood illness was a kind of rite of passage. Expressed in more medical terminology, we might say that going through the typical illnesses of childhood was the way we exercised our immune systems and produced robust life long health. Now, we have lost this insight, and we treat all acute, febrile illnesses as things to avoid and medicate. In my book, I try to demonstrate that this is a huge
mistake, which has inexorably let to the epidemic of chronic diseases that we now see in childhood. To inspire parents and doctors see and treat childhood diseases in a new way, I need your help. Books get noticed when they sell well on Amazon. As much as we all like to support our local booksellers, in this case, we are asking everyone we know to purchase the book from Amazon on the day it is becomes available (August 14), and then as soon as possible write a review of the book on Amazon. If we all join together in this effort, we can help raise the profile of the book so people will take notice. The current approach to the health of our children affects us all. Whether we are parents of young children and actively face the vaccine dilemma, grandparents, or just citizens concerned about the health of our future generations, the choices we make concerning childhood illness and vaccines affect us all. Please join me in helping to turn the tide against our current disastrous policies.

With gratitude,
Thomas Cowan, MD