Tentative Conclusions on the Biophoton Therapy

Hello, everyone. After a few months’ experience with our new biophoton machine, I have come to a few tentative conclusions. The first is that using the heat-sensing camera allows me to see certain abnormalities that can lead us to a more accurate diagnosis. An example is people whose camera images clearly demonstrate a line of elevated temperature emanating from their spinal column along the distribution of a nerve root. I have seen this line in both the neck and lower-back areas. These findings often correlate with symptoms of nerve pain either in the affected arm or leg and suggest an inflamed (hence “hot”) nerve as the cause of the symptoms. The value of this diagnosis is that I can then try to find an area to treat that quickly resolves the inflamed nerve root, which will resolve the pain and symptoms in the arm or legs. This exact sequence of events has happened a number of times already.

Some of my patients who have done the biophoton therapy, in conjunction with the thermographic evaluation, have experienced significant improvement in their symptoms. Patients with lower-back or shoulder stiffness have reported freer movement and less pain even within hours of the first treatment. Another patient with a frozen shoulder has regained more than 50 percent mobility within the first few weeks of treatment. Other people are reporting a sense of relaxation, less tension and better function. Still others with more serious, chronic diseases report increased function and the ability decrease amounts of their conventional medications.

However, some patients report that, while finding the treatments relaxing, they experience no change in their primary symptoms. Generally, these are people with difficult disease processes, so it might take more time for them to see improvement or perhaps the therapy needs to be intensified. I will continually work with my protocols to see whether I can improve the outcomes for all my patients.

The rationale behind this therapy is actually quite simple and straightforward. Nerves control many of the functions in our bodies, including modulating pain responses. The nerves also play a role in blood flow, inflammation and detoxification, among other physiological functions. It is no accident that two major disciplines in medicine – chiropractic and osteopathy -- have focused most of their attention on normalizing the function of the spinal column, the main housing of our nervous system.

Nerves function as a result of the flow of electrons through the neurons that make up each nerve. A free and robust flow of electrons is a sign of good health of the nerves and often good health in general. The biophoton machine sends photons into the body to be picked up by the nerves to stimulate better flow through the treated nerves, just as an acupuncture treatment might stimulate better flow through the affected sluggish meridian. This better electrical flow through the nerves has the possibility to improve the functioning of the nerve allowing for better function, detoxification of the treated area, less inflammation and less pain. 

Given these results, we’ve decided to continue to offer this therapy. We calculated a pricing structure after our initial free-use period that we hope you find fair. Starting with all new biophoton patients, the initial fee will remain $150 for an evaluation by either me or Dr. Brown, the osteopath who works in my office. If you choose to continue with follow-up sessions, during which one of my assistants will aid you in using the therapy, we ask $35 per session. The suggested course of treatment is two to three half-hour sessions a week for three weeks. The patients who are currently using the therapy under our introductory offer will be able to finish their three-week course of treatment at no cost, after which they will be charged at the above rate.

If you have any questions about this therapy or the pricing structure, please don’t hesitate to call the office at (415) 334-1010.

All the best,