Podcast: Vaccines, Autoimmunity and Childhood Health


Vaccines, Autoimmunity and Childhood Health

August 17, 2018
Hosted by Susan Downs, MD


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Over the past 50 years, rates of chronic illness, learning disabilities, and allergies in children have exploded--1 in 6 children has a diagnosed learning disorder, 1 in 50 has autism attributes these rising numbers to the US current vaccination policy. In his new book, Vaccines, Auto-Immunity, and the Assault on Childhood, Dr. Cowan shows how childhood illnesses, which help children to develop a robust immune system. With vaccines, the development of natural immunity is not supported. In addition, vaccines contain adjuvants which are toxic substances. Dr. Cowan discusses how the increasing array of vaccinations can have adverse effects on children's health. He advocates a balanced dialogue on these issues.