A Very Important Announcement from Dr. Cowan

It's Time to Go

First, a Story

Once upon a time, there was a young man who lived in the East.  He was kind of shy, a bit withdrawn, even surly at times, but, basically, he had a good heart.  He was drawn to playing games, writing stories, and canoeing on lakes and rivers, but even more than this he had two great loves, growing a garden and thinking about how the world works.  As time went on he got married, had children, grew his gardens and started to see that there often was a difference between how he saw the world and how others saw the world.   While this caused him some pain, he found he could use what he saw to help people live better lives. 
He learned about good food, good water, good energy and how these things and more could help people who just seemed to not feel well way too much of the time.  Sometimes, others liked to listen to him talk about what he saw.
His children grew up, and then one day he met the love of his life, a beautiful woman who lived in the West.  They joined their lives, and while she joined him in the East for a while, her heart just kept being sad, for she missed her home.   Together, they moved to her home in the West.
The young man, now a middle-aged man, began to see in his mind more things, maybe because of the beauty and openness of living in the West.  He saw that the heart was not a mechanical pump but the “conductor” of the circulation and the center of love.  He saw that children needed sunshine, dirt and good food way more than any kind of “medicine” or screens. He saw that all living things are shimmering, evolving water crystals, and that the world was an even more beautiful and meaningful place than he had even imagined.  He was so excited to tell others.
Then, it was as if the world went crazy.  People began to fear the world instead of marveling at its beauty.   More and more, people  began to see enemies in places where there were no enemies.  They started to be afraid, angry, fearful and even sickly.  They blamed this sickness on unseen enemies and called these enemies “viruses.”  The young man, now an old man, didn’t see this at all.  He saw that these enemies were really our friends, not here to sicken us but to awaken us to the reality that something wasn’t right, that we were being poisoned or stressed in some way. They emerged to help us to detox, and their message was, “stop poisoning nature and your bodies, trust yourself and your body to heal.”
He spoke out, but now something in his heart kept talking to him, louder and louder.  It said go back East, start a new and final garden, and play in the garden with your children, grandchildren and friends.  His beautiful wife, now an older woman herself, agreed; it was time to leave her beloved home and join the children and grandchildren in the East, to make their final home together. 
We don’t really know what happens next to the young man and his beloved. Maybe they live happily ever after, maybe not.  In either case, it’s OK, because the now old man can’t help but see the beauty and majesty of life and the wonder of the planet we call home.  He knows that it will all be OK.  He still gets a little surly and withdrawn at times, but his heart is now full of joy and love, and he can hold his head high knowing he tried his best to help his friends.  

Going Forward 

You may have guessed by now that the now old man is me. You may even have guessed that Lynda and I have decided to move back East to be near our four children and six grandchildren, and that our dream is to build a final homestead in which our friends and families can come to play, dream and thrive. 
You may even have guessed that my career as a medical doctor will be over, forever, in one month.  I simply see too much to be willing to function as a physician in the medical system at this time.  You probably have a lot of questions as to what this means for you.  Here are details that will hopefully address your questions.
  • The office will close on June 30, 2020.
  • Despite many months of trying, I could not find anyone to take over my practice. Sadly, I have no other doctor or health-care provider to suggest for my patients.   This is not to say there aren’t good practitioners of all sorts in the Bay Area, but there are none that I can, with all my heart, recommend to everyone.  I trust that each of you will find a good solution for your health-care needs.  
  • I am going to take all of July off, the first full month off in almost 40 years, but I will continue to answer emails and do my mentoring sessions. 
  • I will relinquish my medical license after July, with the plan to re-emerge as an unlicensed “health coach” or consultant.  This means that, starting in August, I will no longer be able to order tests, write prescriptions, make diagnoses or offer treatment plans.  I will, however, be able to talk to anyone who wishes to talk to me about my opinion on what might be best for them.  Frankly, I am looking forward to a new way of interacting with my friends, previously known as patients.  More details about how this will work will come soon.  
  • During June, July and maybe even August, Laura and Alyssa will answer calls and emails to help you get a copy of your chart, order prescriptions (you might want to get a year’s supply of whatever prescription you take, as soon a prescription from me will no longer be honored), order supplements or help you in any way possible with this transition.  All of the supplements I use and recommend will still be carried on our humanheartcosmicheart.com website.  This includes strophanthus, NADH and all the others.  In fact, in the coming months, our plan is to introduce new lines of supplements that I feel confident will actually take my “medicine” to a whole new level.  
  • During the month of June, as we pack up, I will continue to be available for phone consultations on the usual Tuesdays and Fridays.  I would love to speak to as many people as possible during this time.  Emails are also welcome.  
  • I will continue to be in touch indefinitely through blogs, webinars, interviews, my own podcast (coming soon), mentoring and perhaps another book or two. So please continue to subscribe to this email list and our new YouTube or Bitchute channels (see below).  
  • Finally, for those who have made Community Supported Health contributions all these years, the plan will cease starting in July.  For June, your phone consultations are still covered, and if you believe that upon hearing this news you would rather have stopped the payment today, please let us know, and we will refund June’s payment.  
Finally, I can hardly express my love and gratitude for all the wonderful people I have met in my time in the West.  I trust that my contribution to your life, in spite of the occasional surliness, helped you in some way.  You, literally, have made my life possible. 
With love,