Healing With Light

Thanks to my steady private practice and my growing family business, Dr. Cowan’s Garden, it has been quite a busy time for me these past six months or so. I want to offer a big thank you to all my friends and patients who have supported us as we learn how to create a thriving business. It has been truly gratifying to hear comments from all those who have enjoyed our powders.

The other big news is that my heart book, Human Heart, Cosmic Heart, published by Chelsea Green, has gone to the printer. This book has been a long time in the making. We’ll announce soon how to purchase it through a new website, which we’re creating to help inform people about alternative views of the heart and heart therapies.

The other major new development is that, thanks to a generous donation and the support of Dr. Len Saputo in Walnut Creek, I am now able to offer biophoton therapy to my patients. What is biophoton therapy?

Biophoton therapy, as the name suggests, means “healing with light.”   And the “light” is not just any light, rather intense light of selected wavelengths or colors. Studies over the past decades have shown that certain wavelengths of light often have profound biological effects. Two of the best known are red and blue lights.

Blue light has an anti-inflammatory effect on the tissues it encounters.   Not only does shining the blue light on an area of the body temporarily decrease inflammation, it also normalizes blood flow in the area treated, stimulates ATP production and the metabolism of the cells. The intense blue light also helps the affected tissue detoxify. In this way, the affected area is led in a healing direction, as opposed to just temporary relief. This blue-light therapy has been successfully used by dermatologists to clear and heal inflammations of the skin, by rheumatologists in joints diseases and by various body workers to treat a variety of muscular-skeletal complaints.

The red light emitted by the biophoton “wand” also has an anti-inflammatory effect, but its more pronounced effect is to stimulate blood flow. Increased blood flow can be particularly effective in treating issues involving the heart and circulation. It also can stimulate healing in such cases as osteoarthritis or any other situation in which increased blood flow is needed. These light therapies are not meant to be temporary Band-aids but to actually stimulate a sequence of events that can lead to true healing.

These findings can be found in the literature on biophoton therapy. It is used by professional sports teams and athletes world wide to stimulate healing and a quicker recovery from injury.

I am new to this therapy, and yet I have no doubt that certain wavelengths of light can stimulate healing. As I am learning how and when to use it, I want to make it available to my community in a very affordable way. So here is what we are going to do.

Biophoton therapy is most always used in conjunction with a thermographic evaluation of the patient. What this means is, you come in and I take pictures of your body with a special camera, usually the back or other affected areas.   These images tell me where there are areas of excessive heat, suggesting inflammation, or coldness, suggesting lack of blood flow. Then we hold the appropriate light over the imbalanced areas, usually from 4 to 12 minutes. There is no pain, no injections, nothing but the warm sensation of light.

I then usually take follow-up pictures to try to get a sense of what, if anything, changed with the light therapy. The whole process takes about 30 to 45 minutes. After this session, you can decide whether to continue with the therapy. A usual course of therapy is 2 to 3 times a week for 2 to 3 weeks. After the initial evaluation, you can come in whenever we are open, and with the assistance of Laura, Alyssa or Sabine, you can treat the same areas.   After 2 to 3 weeks, you should have a clear sense of whether biophoton therapy is going to work for you.

As I want to deepen my own sense of who this will help, I am going to offer it at $150 for the initial evaluation (by me) and for the entire 2 to 3 weeks of treatment. In other words, after the first session, there will be no charge for you to use the light therapy in our office. At the end of two weeks, I will be very interested in your impressions and results, which will help me determine how to go from here. 

If you have any questions about this offer or the therapy itself, don’t hesitate to call the office at (415) 334-1010 and ask for Laura or Alyssa.

Be well,