Book Recommendation: The 7-day Bone Broth Diet Plan & Cookbook

Forward by Thomas Cowan:
    A few years ago I saw an interview with the famous basketball player Kobe Bryant in which he was asked to reveal the secrets of how he remains so strong and fit in spite of his advanced age (for a professional basketball player) and length of time he has been a professional basketball player.  While his answer included the usual tributes to hard work and dedication, at some point he said a big part of the reason was his daily consumption of bone broth.  At that point I knew bone broth had arrived in the awareness of mainstream America. 
     I first got involved with making and consuming bone broth through my friend and co-author Sally Fallon in the mid 1990s.  At that point bones from pastured animals were hard to come by and virtually none of my patients knew what I was talking about.  Some 20+ years later, the availability of good bone broth and the knowledge of the benefits of bone broth to our health have become almost commonplace.  Meredith’s book and company Osso Good broth, like any good book or business, pushes us even further down the road of understanding the rationale behind the consumption of daily bone broth and also helps us either make it ourselves or provides a convenient source to purchase it from anywhere in the U.S..   Personally I am both a regular maker of bone broth and a consumer of Osso Good broth (I like all the different versions and flavors more or less equally).
     The real value of Meredith’s book, though, is the innovative, and practical suggestion to do a 7 day bone broth “cleanse” as a way of introducing the consumption of bone broth in your diet as you embark on the path to improving your health.  This cleanse is not only easy and satisfying but as Meredith suggests it will aid in your quest to improve your health almost no matter what your original health status is.  The bone broth cleanse works from the inside out, addressing our all important gut health first, setting the stage for further healng down the road.  The cleanse is thoroughly and simply explained, everything from the whys and the hows of all things bone broth are crystal clear. 
     This innovative approach to introducing people to the magic of broth, written by an obvious expert in the art and science of bone broth will be a valuable addition to your library and to your life.  You can purchase the book on Amazon here.